7x About Data Migration

Data Migration

Whether you have zillions of spreadsheets to put into your new CMS system, an existing website to move to eZ Publish, or data in other forms which will be on your site, we’ll get it there. We will use the right blend of scripts, automated migration and manual transfer to move the data with speed, fidelity, and cost efficiency.

When faced with the task of incorporating vast amounts of data into a new Content Management System (CMS), the challenge is not merely about quantity but also about ensuring a seamless transition. Whether you're dealing with an extensive collection of spreadsheets awaiting integration into your freshly adopted CMS or migrating an existing website to the eZ Publish platform, our commitment is to facilitate this process effortlessly. We recognize the diverse nature of data, and regardless of its format, we assure you that it will find its place on your site with precision and efficiency.

To achieve this smooth transition, we employ a strategic approach that combines various techniques tailored to the unique characteristics of your data. The utilization of scripts streamlines the migration process, automating repetitive tasks and expediting the transfer of information. This automation not only enhances speed but also significantly reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring the fidelity of your data throughout the migration. However, we understand that automation might not cover all aspects, which is why we complement it with manual transfers. This hands-on approach allows us to address nuances and intricacies that automated processes may overlook, adding an extra layer of assurance to the integrity of your data.

Our commitment extends beyond mere data migration; we prioritize doing so with cost efficiency in mind. Recognizing the importance of managing resources wisely, we aim to provide a solution that aligns with your budget constraints. By employing the right blend of automated tools and manual intervention, we optimize the migration process to minimize costs while maintaining the highest standards of speed and fidelity. Your data is not just transferred; it is carefully and thoughtfully integrated, ensuring that the migration is a seamless and cost-effective evolution for your digital infrastructure.

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