7x About Who is 7x?

Who is 7x?

7x does ground breaking web application development services and hosting.

7x is an award-winning web development and web design service firm serving clients worldwide from our headquarters in Seattle, Washington USA.

We provide enterprise web design and software development services to customers worldwide from North America.

We have built custom CMS implementations using eZ Publish for the private sector, both small and large businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.

We specialize in solving complex web content management problems using content management systems like eZ Publish, WordPress, Plone, and the best in class tools. They all are flexible, scalable and highly extensible to accommodate the high levels of customization.

7x helps organizations choose the CMS platform that’s right for their size, resources and needs. We will help you as much or as little as you want with the CMS selection, design, project management, development, implementation, content creation, ongoing support and website maintenance.

We are enterprise content management integrators, implementing the eZ Publish enterprise content management system on behalf of other organizations, businesses and nonprofit groups.


  • Graham Brookins leads our team providing his years of dedicated service to the website cms -commerce ecosystem since 1998.
  • Amin Babu leads our team in all aspects of design and integration and is our newest team member. Give him a warm welcome. Also look at the detail in his design work in our portfolio.

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