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7x is a responsive American web design and development company providing user friendly, interactive cloud-based customized deployments of content management systems to power your websites.

We provide enterprise web design and software development services to customers worldwide from North America.

We specialize in solving complex web content management problems using content management systems like eZ Publish, WordPress, Plone, and the best in class tools.

We are enterprise content management integrators, implementing the eZ Publish enterprise content management system on behalf of other organizations, businesses, nonprofit groups and local governments.

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Who is 7x?

7x is a long standing tradition of eZ Publish Developers and Designers still selling and delivering the feature rich copies of eZ Publish CMS to customers worldwide for over 20 years of outstanding service.

Data Migration

When you have existing information that you need synced into your website we say, yes we can!


Wheather your needs are small or large we scale to meet your maintenance needs.


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